Greetings from Breckenridge!

I just keep staring at the mountains that are in every direction. I’ve never been any place like this before and it makes me want to see every beautiful and wonderful place on earth.

So far we’ve hiked, and explored several small towns, acted like children on the alpine slide and been to the legal weed store (no purchases, but man that is some crazy!)

Mostly it’s just so nice to be away from work. Relaxing when I want to be relaxing. Spending time outdoors. And just hanging out with Jordan away from the craziness of home. Vacations are alright by me.

"Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough."
Ernest Hemingway 

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a proper vacation!

On Saturday we leave for a full week in Breckenridge with Jordan’s family. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. It’ll be the first full week I’ve taken off since I started working, which I can’t believe, and I’ve been feeling exceptionally burnt out so it really couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m going to take my work email off my phone and really just check out. I’ve never been to Colorado and I can’t wait to hike and bike and just relax.

anyways, how many times do you think I can sing John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High before Jordan wants to break up? I hope it’s hundreds.

Me to hairdresser last night: can you make it look less like a bob?
Coworker to me today: cute bob!
I sent an evite for the very low key 30th birthday party we are having for Jordan’s birthday at our house and he RSVP’d with the cats. 

I sent an evite for the very low key 30th birthday party we are having for Jordan’s birthday at our house and he RSVP’d with the cats. 

Serbian Colleague: When is your holiday?
Me: I'm taking a week at the end of June. We're going to Colorado.
Serbian Colleague: Grand Canyon, am I right?
Me: Ah, close. That is in Arizona. I've never been there either though.
Serbian Colleague: WHY??? Is looking amazing!
a few house updates
  • we move in this weekend (!!!!) the movers are coming on Sunday so we’re hoping to move a bunch of things ourselves before then as well
  • installed a nest thermostat which I adore already
  • bought a grill, tried to buy one pre-assembled but it wouldn’t fit in the prius so bought one in a box and Jordan put that together
  • hung 9 sets of blinds for all street facing windows because our crazy seller took the ones that were there. will obviously be hanging more blinds eventually
  • waged a war against comcast because they are
  • called and complained to AT&T because I have almost no cell reception at the house. contemplated getting a land line.
  • bought a new sofa (!!) and armchair (!!) for the living room that will not be delivered until mid-july
  • hung some ferns from the front balcony to add to it’s New Orleans style
  • gotten in a lot of arguments about how best to pack things, when to do things, what our priorities are, etc
  • picked out final paint colors and are having the interior painted right now (!!!) colors below (all Benjamin Moore) — Palladian Blue, Gray Owl, Antique Coral, Early Morning Mist, Gray Cashmere, and Silver Mink
  • image

So far I’d say the process has not been super fun (paying our rent and our mortgage this month is also not the jam). But I think living there will make all the frustrating things we’ve done worthwhile. I thought furniture shopping would be fun but it’s not. I thought changing things to our style would also be fun. It’s also not. These are not real complaints because they are not real problems but let’s just say it’s been a stressful spring and I hope summer is where all the fun parts come out!

i guess this is growing up?
  • go to a young professionals networking happy hour and enjoy two beers over three hours
  • leave thinking happy hour should happen more often! so much socializing and still home by 9 pm!
  • get home and pack some boxes for next weekends big move. continue thinking about how brilliant happy hour is
  • lay down for the night around 11:30pm, start feeling not so hot
  • throw up and then whine about throwing up. dismiss the idea of future happy hours
  • wake up at 6am to drive boyfriend to the airport. bemoan those two beers.
  • "give me the biggest iced coffee you have." remember in college when you felt this way only after twenty beers.

somebody here posted about DIY-ing some striped IKEA curtains but I can’t remember who? was it you? do you remember who it was and can link me?

New Yorkers Don’t Call Their Babies Brooklyn