Me to hairdresser last night: can you make it look less like a bob?
Coworker to me today: cute bob!
I sent an evite for the very low key 30th birthday party we are having for Jordan’s birthday at our house and he RSVP’d with the cats. 

I sent an evite for the very low key 30th birthday party we are having for Jordan’s birthday at our house and he RSVP’d with the cats. 

Serbian Colleague: When is your holiday?
Me: I'm taking a week at the end of June. We're going to Colorado.
Serbian Colleague: Grand Canyon, am I right?
Me: Ah, close. That is in Arizona. I've never been there either though.
Serbian Colleague: WHY??? Is looking amazing!
a few house updates
  • we move in this weekend (!!!!) the movers are coming on Sunday so we’re hoping to move a bunch of things ourselves before then as well
  • installed a nest thermostat which I adore already
  • bought a grill, tried to buy one pre-assembled but it wouldn’t fit in the prius so bought one in a box and Jordan put that together
  • hung 9 sets of blinds for all street facing windows because our crazy seller took the ones that were there. will obviously be hanging more blinds eventually
  • waged a war against comcast because they are
  • called and complained to AT&T because I have almost no cell reception at the house. contemplated getting a land line.
  • bought a new sofa (!!) and armchair (!!) for the living room that will not be delivered until mid-july
  • hung some ferns from the front balcony to add to it’s New Orleans style
  • gotten in a lot of arguments about how best to pack things, when to do things, what our priorities are, etc
  • picked out final paint colors and are having the interior painted right now (!!!) colors below (all Benjamin Moore) — Palladian Blue, Gray Owl, Antique Coral, Early Morning Mist, Gray Cashmere, and Silver Mink
  • image

So far I’d say the process has not been super fun (paying our rent and our mortgage this month is also not the jam). But I think living there will make all the frustrating things we’ve done worthwhile. I thought furniture shopping would be fun but it’s not. I thought changing things to our style would also be fun. It’s also not. These are not real complaints because they are not real problems but let’s just say it’s been a stressful spring and I hope summer is where all the fun parts come out!

i guess this is growing up?
  • go to a young professionals networking happy hour and enjoy two beers over three hours
  • leave thinking happy hour should happen more often! so much socializing and still home by 9 pm!
  • get home and pack some boxes for next weekends big move. continue thinking about how brilliant happy hour is
  • lay down for the night around 11:30pm, start feeling not so hot
  • throw up and then whine about throwing up. dismiss the idea of future happy hours
  • wake up at 6am to drive boyfriend to the airport. bemoan those two beers.
  • "give me the biggest iced coffee you have." remember in college when you felt this way only after twenty beers.

somebody here posted about DIY-ing some striped IKEA curtains but I can’t remember who? was it you? do you remember who it was and can link me?

New Yorkers Don’t Call Their Babies Brooklyn

still mad they ran out of bananas. (I’m runner 347 in case you can’t tell by how thrilled I look)

still mad they ran out of bananas. (I’m runner 347 in case you can’t tell by how thrilled I look)

Thought process during my 5K this morning
  • Jordan ate the last banana. Hmm I’ll eat this hard boiled egg instead. Oh ugh I did not want an egg.
  • Ok you know what? I’m not really feeling a run this morning I’m just gonna go pick up my shirt and leave.
  • Damn it. They’re giving out the shirts at the end.
  • Oh man a table of bananas can I have one of those now? No only at the end? Come onnnnn
  • Could we just get started, I am not in the mood for group stretching.
  • Ok here we go. Let’s line up. Why are there so many strollers? Where can I find a spot to stand that’s not near these strollers.
  • Ugh these headphones are the worst they never stay in my ears.
  • And we’re off! Ok this isn’t so bad! Just follow that guy in the American flag shorts he seems to have a good pace.
  • Ok whoa American flag shorts guy is running wayyyy too fast. Let’s just follow this handy interval beeper. 1 minute walk, 1 minute run should be good to go.
  • Oh hey there’s American flag shorts guy again! Hmm probably still going too fast.
  • Shut up beeper I’m walking another minute.
  • Everybody run the downhill! Run! Run! Ok at least move so I can run the downhill.
  • I do not remember putting that Katy Perry Birthday song on this playlist but this is my jam!
  • Whyyyy is this giant hill on the race route. Everyone is dying. This is the worst. But seriously can we all agree to run the downhill?
  • JK! Iggy Azalea is the best running song!! I’m run dancing!! This is so fun!
  • Mile marker 2! I’m making great time! Mostly because I ran that first mile too fast but still!
  • I’m dying. I’m dead. Where is the finish line.
  • Yeah random lady I’m racing you. You pass me. I pass you. Repeat.
  • Ok no just pass me I’m fine.
  • I’m never running again.
  • Yeah let’s run to the corner together! Look there’s the finish line. I did it! It’s over!
  • WTF. You are out of bananas? This is nuts. Seems like you have plenty of the Jeff Foxworthy Grit Chips left though… I’m not pleased. Just give me my shirt I’m out of here.

My project at work that I’ve been working on for my entire career that started out as a tiny pilot and has morphed into this monstrous project went LIVE yesterday for about 300 additional users. For the first two weeks my support hours are 11am to 7pm which inevitably really means 7am to 7pm and beyond because I’m online now waiting for vendor support to email me back. What time is it in India? As soon as one my colleagues logs on I’m going directly to sleep. Yesterday I worked 13 hours, demanded Jimmy Johns, and then immediately went to sleep. For our last go live I was in Serbia and would kind of do the same thing except I ordered room service because it would be midnight there. I think it would actually be easier if I was there this go around as well because trying to balance 12+ hour workdays and normal life things like unloading the dishwasher is not super easy. Its easier when someone else is making your bed everyday.